PESACH WITH CHEF FLAM, Passover 2024, Connecticut, USA

Cholov Yisroel, Non-Gebrokts, Under the Supervision of Rabbi Binyomin Taub

Pesach with Chef Flam


Crowne Plaza hotel

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About the program

Another brilliant planned program by Pesach with Chef Flam, with every aspect of your vacation spectacularly transformed into a Passover dream!

The cuisine

Chef Flam never ceases to amaze the guests with his extraordinary talents and creativity. Grand buffets, ice cream parties, succulent four course dining and more!

The resort

The Crowne Plaza boasts breathtaking views and features fantastic activities and recreation for the whole family.

The entertainment

From inspiring lecturers to outstanding entertainers, you will be spoiled for choice by our incredibly packed program.

Day camp for ages 3-12 - your kids won't want to go home!


Fitness Center
Game Room
Sports Courts


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