KOSHER LUXURY TRAVEL, Passover 2022, Casablanca, Morocco

Glatt Kosher Badatz L'Mehadrin, No Gebroks, No Kitniot, Under the Supervision of Rabbi Machfud
Program dates
04/07/2020 - 04/17/2020



Vichy Celestins Spa Hotel

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About the program

Kosher Luxury Travel is hosting a dream-come-true Passover vacation, in one of the world's most desirable destinations!

The cuisine

This Passover, we are accompanied by culinary genius. Our chefs from Israel, France and Morocco offer a rich experience, creating a unique gastronomic Passover adventure for all our guests. Included is our open lounge with endless beverages and treats!

The resort

The Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort sits right on the magnificent beach in Paliourion. Featuring an outdoor pool and spa, this resort is a dream destination. Enormous lawns and stunning gardens, peppered with sandy beaches and endless water parks are just the beginning of the luxury that awaits you!

The entertainment

Dazzling concerts with International Jewish superstars, family game and activity nights as well as awesome excursions during Chol Ha'moed.

Kids Club, accompanied by professional instructors, with special activities designed to keep your children and teens engaged, excited and involved throughout your vacation.


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  • Adina Brown Neiman

    Resort was outstanding and the crowd was amazing!

    Beautiful hotel, was a really good vibe and the crowd were super chilled and nice. However the kids meal never had enough food and there wasn’t enough choice of food for the kids as well as the coffee area- there wasn’t cakes and coffee all day like they said would be.. overall everything was outstanding besides the food- which is really important!

  • esther sellam

    Really recommend this program

    This is the fourth year going to this program. Each year the program is run in another luxurious location.
    The program is orthodox by the crowd is a mixed of orthodox and modern Orthodox from around the world which is just perfect they all respect to show there and create a great atmosphere.
    Food was amazing and in abundance and delicious .
    Kids clubs was just perfect , kids Busy the whole day including lunch and supper night activity are held every night with a very large concerts shows etc. is really recommend this program

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