KOSHER LUXUS, Passover 2019, Cancun, Mexico

HaRav Yosef Mallach Shlita of Mexico

Kosher Luxus


Krystal Grand Punta

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About the program

Kosher Luxus presents you with a festive atmosphere, a magnificent resort, gourmet cuisine, inspiration and incredible entertainment. On this ultimate Kosher getaway, allow us to take care of your every need.

The cuisine

Israel’s famous Red Heifer restaurant led by Executive Chef Yitz Mermelstien will delight you with their renowned culinary skills. Themed buffet dinners, gourmet meals and more mouth-watering opportunities!

The resort

The Krystal Grand offers beautiful views of the lagoon and Caribbean Sea, with a breaktaking sandy beach and private balconies in every room.

The entertainment

Singers, musicians, speakers and more fabulous entertainment in store for you.

The Krystal Kids Club will take place between 9am-5pm




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